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My friend Erin Goodman has been running an awesome podcast series called Behind the Blog. I’ve loved listening to her chat with some fabulous blogging women and was honored when she asked me to appear as a guest on the podcast. I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Erin and I accepted without hesitation. Erin was [...]


Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at My Super-Charged Life about “Breaking Out of the 9 to 5 with Kids in Tow”, and I’m excited to welcome Jennifer from PJs Til Noon to …infinitely learning… *************************** My title may be a tad misleading.  I was on the tail [...]


There’s a popular parenting myth that I run into often. It says that in order to be a good parent you need to stick to your guns. That’s right–pick your stance and stand your ground. Don’t give in because then they will win; and if they win that means you’ve lost. And since you’re the [...]

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Today I’m over at Simple Homeschool participating in their curriculum fair, although I have almost zero experience with formal curriculum. Hmmm….curious? Well, hop on over and check it out!    


Working from home and homeschooling; it’s quite unconventional in this day and age, but just a few generations ago it was the norm. Since most of us live without the support of extended family it can be a lot harder to make it all work. Can you do both? We think so, but it takes [...]


The Snow Day: Before and After Kids

by flowers on February 3, 2011 · 8 comments

I know we’re all snowed in so when my fellow birthpro, friend and neighbor Kate emailed this to me I begged her to let me share. Enjoy and watch for Kate as she expands her practice to share her amazing birth genius with the world. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** The [...]


Today I’m at Simple Homeschool

by flowers on November 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey everyone! Join me over at Simple Homeschool where I discuss tips for talking to relatives about homeschooling over the holidays. Even if you don’t homeschool you can apply it to any topic (co-sleeping, breastfeeding etc.) that might come up in your family circle this holiday season. Warmly, Hillary


Babymoon :: Wrap-Up + Gratitude

by flowers on August 10, 2010 · 8 comments

Tonight our very last meal is being delivered to our doorstep and this past Monday I posted my very last guest post as part of my babymoon guest post series. Although it’s hard for me to believe sweet Ninu is indeed six weeks old and nearly all grown up. I plan on soaking up every [...]


Finding Our Way Home :: Guest Post

by flowers on August 9, 2010 · 7 comments

This is the last guest post of the Babymoon series. I can hardly believe the babe is six weeks old! Our last guest contributer is Karen Angstadt. Our paths first crossed on Twitter and we realized we had similar empowering attitudes towards our birth work. She is fabulous! Enjoy. If you are interested in sharing [...]


Shrinking Rocks with Smiles

by flowers on August 2, 2010 · 9 comments

I’ve invited a series of guest posters to contribute as we welcome the newest member of our family. Please welcome the wise words of Kelly who blogs over at Sage Tribe. You know that feeling- that one that sometimes starts out because of something small- maybe a stubbed toe, a hang nail, or a mean look- and it [...]

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