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I’ve been spending a lot of time with paper lately: writing down ideas, brainstorms and even full posts and essays all in pen. It all started last week when my lap top crashed and I had to spend five days without a computer.

There were a few hairy moments, but it turned out to be a great change of pace and I think I’ll make a habit of working on paper away. My work output is exponential when I’m away from the distraction of twitter and email!

Monday Link Love

These links really have nothing to do with snuggling except for the fact that snuggling is precisely how we’re getting through the l-o-n-g upstate winter. Cozy, indeed.

Well, let’s get started.

Do you know a woman with cancer. I hope not, but unfortunately you might. My aunt is battling breast cancer and my grandmother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer so the topic is heavy on my mind and heart. In my journey I came across this organization that connects women undergoing cancer treatment with free housecleaning. Amazing, right? Sometimes, even when the world feels wrong, people do things that make it feel right again.

Does part of your unconventional dream life include quitting your job and moving to Italy? Rachel over at Small Notebook just did that with her family and provided some insightful tips on how a family can prepare for such an adventure.

When I first had Solshine six years ago NONE of my friends had kids and it was tough. The Happiest Mom tackles the challenge of keeping friendships with child-free friends.

Heather’s 8th grade daughter shares her perspective on homeschooling in an AWESOME post over at The Pioneer Woman. I love hearing from homeschoolers themselves.

Loved, loved, loved this super practical post for entrepreneuring family style: 9 Essential Steps for a Home Business that Works.

Money is becoming my new favorite thing to talk about. No, we’re not greedy folks with mixed up morals. We need to make a living and being up front and honest about our money is helping us be better business owners and providers for our family. I am infinitely thankful for the way that Tsh consistently tackles money as an important family topic.

One more thing! Did you see Seth Godin’s newest Domino Project? I just downloaded the Kindle app onto my itouch and prebought his new book Poke the Box for $1. Brilliant. I can’t wait to read it. (Today is the last day to pre-order. Don’t miss out!)

Hey, will you do me a favor today? Turn on your heart light and SHINE!

Wishing you a week full of brilliance and insight.


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