Inspiration Monday :: Love Letters Edition

by flowers on February 14, 2011 · 1 comment

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Welcome Lovers! Monday is sort of a funny day to be Valentine’s Day. Hopefully you’re working a little extra fun into your productivity.

Saturday night we went to a “Hotluck” (food from hot places to warm us up mid-February) with a group of families and as we drove through the downtown on our way home we saw quite a few couples all dressed up and quite smitten with each other. Ahhhhh, young love ;-)

We’re doing our best to keep things warmed up around here. Nothing says I love you like little cute kidlets running around the house.

Here’s some goodness from around the inter-webs to keep you inspired and on fire this week:

I swear I made these in kindergarten. I had completely forgotten how fun it is to make homemade snow globes and we added it to our craft idea list for February.

This study says that the placebo effect works even when the person knows they are getting the sugar pill. They think it has to do with the ritual that goes into self-care. How very sweet to be reminded that the simple act of loving oneself is healing.

If you Tweet you might be interested in this Twitter chat schedule. It’s an open google doc spreadsheet that has over 300 regular chats that happen during the week. I myself take part in #blogchat on Sundays and #doulaparty on Friday nights. If you don’t already, follow me: @hillaryboucher and give me a shout out so I can return the favor.

TMFP has made it into my link love twice in a row. She’s on a roll. This piece about humility and entrepreneuring just rocked my socks off.

And did you know that people want you to be the hero? They want you to succeed at being your wildly, successful best self. I absolutely without a doubt know this to be true.

Super fun Valentine’s Day song. Hope you are feeling the love today (and every day–truly!).

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